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Upgrade your leather or webbing belt to a RattlerStrap paracord belt and take advantage of the most overlooked everyday carry accessory. Along with a good knife and a reliable pair of boots, your belt should be, and now can be as useful in everyday life as it is in a survival situation. The days of poking holes in your leather belt are over. Our infinitely-adjustable design and pin-style buckle ensure a comfortable fit that won’t slip.

Your belt is always with you. Why wouldn’t you use it to carry some cord?

In January 2015 one of our customers, Andy, was driving with his friend in the Canadian woods on four-wheelers. His buddy lost control and rolled off a bank. Night was falling and his friend’s arm had a compound fracture. Andy untied his paracord belt. Minutes later a tourniquet was applied and a sling was made. The only issue now was the busted quad. No problem. They used the rest of the paracord to tow it home!

“I’ve found that most paracord gear is made cheaply in Asia and with low-quality paracord and components, so when I was looking for a paracord belt that would survive the rigors of everyday use AND survival situations,I could not ignore the nearly perfect reviews of the Rattlerstrap Belt. After nearly 8 months of continuous and hard use in the field, I have NO regrets.”

“With good quality 550 paracord, you can rig a tent, make a fire bow, set snares, go fishing, repair gear, and much more. There are many creative places to store paracord, including boot laces, a bracelet, and an ax handle wrap. However, none of these allow for storage of very large amounts of paracord. A line of belts developed by Rattlerstrap fulfills this purpose, while also replacing a piece of gear that you may otherwise take for granted.”

Buy now and be prepared to be useful.



Pant Size: Belt Size:
28-32 Small
34-36 Medium
38-40 Large
42-44 XLarge
46-48 XXLarge
50-52 XXXLarge


Technical specs

Width: 1.5″
Thickness:  0.25″
Rattle Width: 1.25″
Rattle Thickness: 0.5″
 Buckle Size:  2.2″ x 1.5″

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