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The Ultimate Social Survival Bracelet

Cash is still king. But every day we go about our business totally reliant on a flimsy piece of plastic to pay our way through life. I rarely carry cash anymore. It’s just a habit I fell out of. But I hate being in a situation where I need cash and don’t have any. More than a few times I’ve had to ditch my groceries at the checkout or bum cash from friends because I forgot my wallet or my debit card wasn’t working. Not anymore.

-Emergency cash stash for everyday carry or traveling abroad (Avoid-third-world-jail insurance)

-Customize your bracelet with different folding variations of $20, $50, or $100 bills

-Handy bottle opener on the flip side (because beer)

-550 paracord for everything else

-Adjustable shackle for a comfortable and streamlined fit

Do you want to wear a wilderness survival bracelet that may never get to fulfill its ultimate purpose off the grid? Or would you rather let this social survival bracelet save your ass repeatedly on the grid?


How to fold a bill into your Liberty Bracelet


Large (fits 8"-9" wrist), Medium (fits 7"-8" wrist), Small (fits 6"-7" wrist)

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