I received an email from a customer telling me he had sent his buckle back to me for his belt to be remade.  Out of curiosity I asked what happened and he gave me his phone number.  Two days later I made a $10 phone call to Canada that was worth every penny.  For over an hour we talked paracord, life in Canada and product development.  I took two pages of notes.  Then he was kind enough to share his story:

It was January in Canada.  Andy and a friend of his were exploring some back roads on quads while collecting firewood.  It was getting dark when they started heading toward the cabin they were staying at not far from Hudson Bay.  Andy cautiously took a turn on a curved embankment while balancing a stack of wood behind him.  His tires clawed at the frozen mud ruts precariously.  A few more minutes down the road and he realized his helmet mic had started to crackle.  He slowed down to look back for his friend.  No sign.  He assumed his buddy’s helmet had been pulled off by a low branch and turned around to be sure. 

When he got to the bend in the road, he saw the ATV upside down in the woods, his friend standing nearby holding his arm.  There was bone sticking out.  That was the first thing he noticed. The wound seemed to be bleeding quite a bit.  Andy looked at his paracord bracelet, “Damn, not sure that will do the job.”  He flipped open his Benchmade knife and looked down at his belt.  

He didn’t want to take it apart but then remembered our guarantee and figured this was as good a time as any.  Starting at the tail, he unwove the belt and cut enough cord to improvise a makeshift tourniquet and sling.  After the arm was secure they looked over at the mangled ATV.  “No way that’s driving out of here”, they concluded.  No problem.  Andycut the rest of the belt in half length wise, tied the banged up quad to his, and towed it out of there


*If you have any stories involving your RattlerStrap gear we would love to hear them.  Email us at cs@rattlerstrap.com

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