How To Unweave Your Paracord Belt For Emergency Cord

Each RattlerStrap Titan Belt contains 80+ feet of 550 Type III 7 strand paracord. If your in a situation where you need to use the paracord from your RattlerStrap belt, start at the rattle end and unsecure the caps. These belts are not designed for quick deploy, but you can use the buckle pin to loosen the inner cross weaves to speed up the unweaving process.


Military and Survival | Titan Belt Review


Fit for Survival: You have 80-130 feet (dependent on belt size) of cord that can be used for snares, tourniquets, shelters, tie lines, rappelling, or stripped down to smaller threads for sewing, stitching, or fishing wire. You’ll always be prepared.

Fit for Travel: The titanium buckle is non-magnetic which allows this belt to pass through TSA metal detectors undetected.

Fit for You: The days of poking holes in your warped leather belt will be in the past as this belt is infinitely adjustable.


Everyday Tactical Vids | Titan Belt Review


“The RattlerStrap Paracord Belt is a nicely made and very cool product. Mine fit well and looks nice, and in an emergency situation you get between 80-130 feet of paracord.”

-Tim, Everyday Tactical Vids


Equip2Endure | Titan Belt Review


“It’s nice to have 80-100 ft of paracord on you at all times. Talk about an awesome EDC upgrade! It would break my heard to have to destroy my belt, but with that said, all I need is piece 36 inches long to tie around my waist and I would be good to go.”

-Adam, Equip2Endure


Flint Laces 1.0 Trailer


Matches are wet? Lighter doesn’t work? Lost your firesteel? With Flint laces you always have a last resort for fire. They’re simply a pair of bootlaces until you need them to save your life. Each lace tip holds a 1 inch ferro rod capped with rubber. This is just enough to produce a spark to start a fire in the wilderness. Remove and strike with a steel edge.


Ultimate Survival Tips | Titan Belt Review

“I’ve found that most paracord gear is made cheaply in Asia and with lower-quality paracord and components, so when I was looking for a good paracord belt last year that would survive the rigors of everyday use AND survival situations. After nearly 8 months of continuous and, at times, hard use in the field…I have NO regrets.”

-David, Ultimate Survival Tips