Folding Money into Your Liberty Clip



1. Folding the $100 bill so that Ben Franklin’s eyes are showing.

2. Fold the right side under so that the eyes (or whatever you would like showing) are lined up with the right side of the oval hardware.

3. Fold the left side under now, lining up the eyes with the left side of the oval.

4. Fold under the extra part of the bill that is on the right side.

5. Fold the remaining extra bit of bill under and check to make sure that the width of the folded bill is less than the width of the hardware.

6. This is what the back of the folded bill will look like.

7. Fold the top of the bill down. Line up the eyes with the oval to see where you need to make this fold.

8. Now fold the bottom, again checking to see where to make this fold by lining it up with the oval opening.

9. Lining up the eyes with the oval opening to see where to fold.

10. Now fold the last top bit under.

11. Pull the clip side of the keychain out and back to move the paracord knots out of the way. Slide the folded bill in.

Try these out:


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