How To Unweave Your Paracord Belt For Emergency Cord

Each RattlerStrap Titan Belt contains 80+ feet of 550 Type III 7 strand paracord. If your in a situation where you need to use the paracord from your RattlerStrap belt, start at the rattle end and unsecure the caps. These belts are not designed for quick deploy, but you can use the buckle pin to loosen the inner cross weaves to speed up the unweaving process.

You can access as much cord as you need depending on what the situation calls for. After unveaving a foot of belt you have added 3+ feet to the overall length of the strap. This can be used as is, or you can cut off individual strands. Contained inside the nylon sheath is 7 inner nylon strands that can also be utilized. Cut a piece of paracord and tie it around your waist with a bowline. Then use the rest of the paracord to solve the problem at hand. Send us the buckle and your story and RattlerStrap will make you a new belt!

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