Titan Belt Sizing

RattlerStrap Belt Size Pant Size
Small 28-32
Medium 34-36
Large 38-40
XLarge 42-44
XXLarge 46-48
XXXLarge 50-52

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Proof that paracord is highly versatile?

Occasionally someone will suggest something I should make from paracord. I listen because it has worked out before (Flint Laces) but generally the ideas are a bit too ridiculous. Lately, I have been finding and saving photos of amusing paracord creations. I’ve come to the realization that paracord has a new practical function I never considered. Humor.

Here are 8 things that should not be made from paracord.


EVERYDAY CARRY | The Liberty Clip

The Liberty Clip goes above and beyond ordinary keychain duty with its paracord construction, bottle opener, and cash stash functionality.


Using Paracord | The Master List


Start a fire as a bow or fire drill

Secure a tarp between trees

Secure a tent

String a clothesline

Hang something up off the ground


How To Unweave Your Paracord Belt For Emergency Cord

Each RattlerStrap Titan Belt contains 80+ feet of 550 Type III 7 strand paracord. If your in a situation where you need to use the paracord from your RattlerStrap belt, start at the rattle end and unsecure the caps. These belts are not designed for quick deploy, but you can use the buckle pin to loosen the inner cross weaves to speed up the unweaving process.